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/* fallback.h generated by gen_fallback from XBall.ad - do not edit! */

"! XBall.ad - xball resource file",
"! Copyright 1991, David Nedde",
"! Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this",
"! software and its documentation for any purpose and without fee",
"! is granted provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies.",
"! It is provided 'as is' without express or implied warranty.",
"XBall.title: XBall - Written by David Nedde",
"XBall*form.horizontalSpacing:   2",
"XBall*form.verticalSpacing:     2",
"XBall*form.width:               400",
"XBall*form.height:              400",
"XBall.allowShellResize:      True",
"XBall*resizable:                True",
"! Menu Bar",
"XBall*menuBar.rightAttachment:  ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*menuBar.leftAttachment:   ATTACH_FORM",
"! Athena resources",
"XBall*menuBar*MenuButton.borderWidth: 0",
"XBall*menuBar.borderWidth:            1",
"XBall.formAW*translations: #override        \n\
        <Key>q: menu_action( quit)        \n\
        Ctrl<Key>q: menu_action( quit)    \n\
        Ctrl<Key>c: menu_action( quit)    \n\
        <Key>c: menu_action( clear)       \n\
        <Key>r: menu_action( randomize)   \n\
        <Key>s: menu_action( stepSim)     \n\
        <Key>p: menu_action( perpetual)   \n\
        <Key>b: menu_action( ballCollide) \n\
        <Key>h: menu_action( haltSim)     \n\
        <Key>l: menu_action( loadBitmap)  \n\
        <Key>d: menu_action( runDemo)     \n\
        <Key>a: menu_action( about)       \n\
"! File Submenu",
"XBall*file.labelString:         File",
"XBall*file.label:               File",
"XBall*file.mnemonic:            F",
"XBall*about.labelString:        About...",
"XBall*about.label:              About...        A",
"XBall*about.mnemonic:           A",
"XBall*about.accelerator:        <Key>A",
"XBall*about.acceleratorText:    A",
"XBall*runDemo.labelString:      Run Demo...",
"XBall*runDemo.label:            Run Demo...     D",
"XBall*runDemo.mnemonic:             D",
"XBall*runDemo.accelerator:      <Key>D",
"XBall*runDemo.acceleratorText:  D",
"XBall*loadBitmap.labelString:   Load Bitmap...",
"XBall*loadBitmap.label:         Load Bitmap...  L",
"XBall*loadBitmap.mnemonic:      L",
"XBall*loadBitmap.accelerator:   <Key>L",
"XBall*loadBitmap.acceleratorText: L",
"XBall*quit.labelString:         Quit",
"XBall*quit.label:               Quit            Q",
"XBall*quit.mnemonic:            Q",
"XBall*quit.accelerator:         <Key>Q",
"XBall*quit.acceleratorText:     Q",
"! Action Submenu",
"XBall*actions.labelString:      Actions",
"XBall*actions.label:            Actions",
"XBall*actions.mnemonic:         A",
"XBall*clear.labelString:        Clear",
"XBall*clear.label:              Clear            C",
"XBall*clear.mnemonic:           C",
"XBall*clear.acceleratorText:    C",
"XBall*clear.accelerator:        <Key>C",
"XBall*randomize.labelString:    Randomize",
"XBall*randomize.label:          Randomize        R",
"XBall*randomize.mnemonic:       R",
"XBall*randomize.accelerator:    <Key>R",
"XBall*stopDemo.labelString:     Stop Demo",
"XBall*stopDemo.label:           Stop Demo",
"XBall*stepSim.labelString:      Step Simulation",
"XBall*stepSim.label:            Step Simulation  S",
"XBall*stepSim.mnemonic:         S",
"XBall*stepSim.acceleratorText:  S",
"XBall*stepSim.accelerator:      <Key>S",
"! Options Submenu",
"XBall*options.labelString:              Options",
"XBall*options.label:                    Options",
"XBall*options.mnemonic:                 O",
"XBall*perpetual.labelString:            Perpetual",
"XBall*perpetual.label:                  Perpetual        P",
"XBall*perpetual.mnemonic:               P",
"XBall*perpetual.acceleratorText:        P",
"XBall*perpetual.accelerator:            <Key>P",
"XBall*ballCollide.labelString:          Ball Collide",
"XBall*ballCollide.label:                Ball Collide     B",
"XBall*ballCollide.mnemonic:             B",
"XBall*ballCollide.acceleratorText:      B",
"XBall*ballCollide.accelerator:          <Key>B",
"XBall*haltSim.labelString:              Halt Simulation",
"XBall*haltSim.label:                    Halt Simulation  H",
"XBall*haltSim.mnemonic:                 H",
"XBall*haltSim.acceleratorText:          H",
"XBall*haltSim.accelerator:              <Key>H",
"! Help Submenu",
"XBall*help.labelString:         Help",
"XBall*help.label:               Help",
"XBall*help.mnemonic:            H",
"XBall*onAuthor.labelString:     On Author...",
"XBall*onAuthor.label:           On Author...",
"XBall*onMenus.labelString:      On Menus...",
"XBall*onMenus.label:            On Menus...",
"XBall*onScroll.labelString:     On Scrollbars...",
"XBall*onScroll.label:           On Scrollbars...",
"XBall*onButtons.labelString:    On Buttons...",
"XBall*onButtons.label:          On Buttons...",
"XBall*onDemos.labelString:      On Demos...",
"XBall*onDemos.label:            On Demos...",
"XBall*onParams.labelString:     On Parameters...",
"XBall*onParams.label:           On Parameters...",
"XBall*elasticityBar.topAttachment:      ATTACH_WIDGET",
"XBall*elasticityBar.topWidget:          menuBar",
"XBall*elasticityBar.leftAttachment:     ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.labelString:          Elasticity",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.leftAttachment:       ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.leftOffset:           10",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.topAttachment:        ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.bottomAttachment:     ATTACH_FORM",
"! Athena resources",
"XBall*elasticityBar.fromVert:                   menuBar",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.label:                Elasticity",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.borderWidth:          0",
"XBall*elasticityBar.bar.width:          100",
"XBall*elasticityBar.bar.orientation:    HORIZONTAL",
"XBall*elasticityBar.bar.maximum:        100",
"XBall*elasticityBar.bar.minimum:        0",
"XBall*elasticityBar.bar.showValue:      True",
"! Athena resources",
"XBall*elasticityBar.bar.shown:          0.1",
"XBall*elasticityBar.borderWidth:        0",
"XBall*elasticityBar.label.borderWidth:  0",
"XBall*elasticityBar.feedback.borderWidth: 0",
"XBall*elasticityBar.defaultDistance:    0",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.labelString:      Gravity",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.leftAttachment:   ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.topAttachment:    ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.bottomAttachment: ATTACH_FORM",
"! Athena resources",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.label:           Gravity",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.borderWidth:     0",
"XBall*gravityBar.leftAttachment:        ATTACH_WIDGET",
"XBall*gravityBar.leftWidget:            elasticityBar",
"XBall*gravityBar.leftOffset:            20",
"XBall*gravityBar.topAttachment:         ATTACH_WIDGET",
"XBall*gravityBar.topWidget:             menuBar",
"XBall*gravityBar.bar.width:             100",
"XBall*gravityBar.bar.orientation:       HORIZONTAL",
"XBall*gravityBar.bar.maximum:           100",
"XBall*gravityBar.bar.minimum:           0",
"XBall*gravityBar.bar.showValue:         True",
"! Athena resources",
"XBall*gravityBar.fromVert:              menuBar",
"XBall*gravityBar.horizDistance:         20",
"XBall*gravityBar.fromHoriz:             elasticityBar",
"XBall*gravityBar.bar.shown:             0.1",
"XBall*gravityBar.borderWidth:           0",
"XBall*gravityBar.label.borderWidth:     0",
"XBall*gravityBar.feedback.borderWidth:  0",
"XBall*gravityBar.defaultDistance:       0",
"XBall*canvas.resizable:                 True",
"XBall*canvas.borderWidth:               1",
"XBall*canvas.topAttachment:             ATTACH_WIDGET",
"XBall*canvas.topWidget:                 gravityBar",
"XBall*canvas.bottomAttachment:          ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*canvas.rightAttachment:           ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*canvas.leftAttachment:            ATTACH_FORM",
"! Athena resources",
"XBall*canvas.fromVert:                  gravityBar",
"XBall*canvas.width:                     400",
"XBall*canvas.height:                    330",
"XBall*help_dialog_popup.title:                      XBall Information",
"XBall*help_dialog_action_area.leftAttachment:       ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*help_dialog_action_area.rightAttachment:      ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*help_dialog_action_area.bottomAttachment:     ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*help_dialog_action_area.close.labelString:    Close",
"XBall*help_dialog.close.label:                      Close",
"XBall*help_dialog.separator.rightAttachment:        ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*help_dialog.separator.leftAttachment:         ATTACH_FORM",
"XBall*help_dialog.separator.topOffset:              5",
"XBall*help_dialog.separator.bottomAttachment:       ATTACH_WIDGET",
"XBall*help_dialog.separator.bottomWidget:           help_dialog_action_area",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_text.rows:                   12",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_text.columns:                60",
"! Athena Resources",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_textAW.displayCaret:         False",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_textAW.height:               150",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_textAW.width:                470",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_textAW.scrollHorizontal:     WhenNeeded",
"XBall*help_dialog*help_textAW.scrollVertical:       WhenNeeded",
"XBall*help_dialog*close.accelerators: \
        <KeyPress>Escape: set() notify() unset() \n\
        <KeyPress>Return: set() notify() unset() \n\
"! Help text",
"! Note that since fallback resources cannot handle \n in the text,",
"! a ~ is used to indicate a newline.",
"XBall.pointerHelp: \
                   MOUSE BUTTON USAGE ~~~\
Button 1: o Hold down to create a ball. ~\
          o Throw the ball by moving the mouse and ~\
            letting go of button 1. ~\
          o The ball will be going the speed of the ~\
            pointer at release time. ~\
Button 2: o Hold down and move the mouse to create ~\
            random velocity balls. ~\
Button 3: o Hold down and move the mouse to create ~\
            zero velocity balls. \
"XBall.menuHelp: \
                   PULLDOWN MENU USAGE~~~\
  About...        A description of the program and author~\
  Run Demo...     Allows you to execute XBall demo files~\
                  See 'Help On Demos' for demo file format~\
  Load Bitmap...  Load an X bitmap as a set of balls~\
                  Analogous Demo command: ~\
                    bitmap filename posx,posy~\
  Quit            Exits the program~~\
  Clear           Clear the screen of balls~\
                  Analogous Demo command: clear~\
  Randomize       Give each ball a random velocity~\
                  Analogous Demo command: ~\
                    randomize minx,maxx,miny,maxy~\
  Stop Demo       Stops the execution of a demo in progress~\
                  Enabled by the Run Demo... menu option~\
                  Analogous Demo command: stop~\
  Step Simulation Perform one step of the Halted simulation~\
                  Enabled by the Halt Simulation menu option~~\
  Perpetual       If toggled on, balls will live forever~\
                  Analogous Demo command: perpetual on|off~\
                  Command line option: -perpetual True|False~\
  Ball Collide    If on, balls will collide with one another~\
                  Analogous Demo command: collide on|off~\
                  Command line option: -collide True|False~~\
  Help Simulation Stop the simulation.  You can then step the~\
                  simulation using Step Simulation menu option~~\
  On Menus      Help using the menu system~\
  On Scrollbars Help on the Elasticity and Gravity bars~\
  On Buttons    Help on using the mouse buttons to create balls~\
  On Demos      Help on the Demo language and how to run demos~\
  On Parameters Help with command-line arguments to xball \
"XBall.scrollbarHelp: \
                      SCROLLBAR USAGE~~~\
  o This scrollbar controls the balls' elasticity, or how~\
    much energy is lost each time the balls hit the ground.~\
  o Scrollbar to left:  low elasticity (eggs)~\
  o Scrollbar to right: high elasticity (superballs)~\
  o Demo command: elasticity %d~\
  o Command line options: -elasticity %d~~~\
  o This scrollbar controls the gravity, or how~\
    much vertical velocity is added (subtracted)~\
    from the balls for each iteration.~\
  o Scrollbar to the left:  Zero gravity (outer space)~\
  o Scrollbar to the right: Large gravity (Jupiter)~\
  o Demo command: gravity %d~\
  o Command line options: -gravity %d \
"XBall.demoHelp: \
                     DEMO FILE COMMANDS~~\
  %s1, %s2... - Replace with a string~\
  %d1, %d2... - Replace with an integer~~\
  create %d1,%d2,%d3,%d4: Create a ball with x,y position~\
                          %d1,%d2 and an x & y velocity~\
                          of %d2,%d4~\
  randomize %d1,%d2,%d3,%d4: randomize velocities of all ~\
                balls on screen with:~\
                a max negative x velocity of %d1,~\
                a max positive x velocity of %d2,~\
                a max negative y velocity of %d3,~\
                a max positive y velocity of %d4,~\
  load_bitmap %s %d1,%d2: load a bitmap file (where %s is~\
                         the file path) to an x,y position~\
                         of %d1,%d2 on the screen~\
  set_velocity %s %d1,%d2: set ball velocities (%s is~\
                         relative or absolute) to the x ~\
                         and y velocities %d1,%d2~\
  gravity %d: set gravity to %d~\
  elasticity %d: set elasticity to %d~\
  backwards %d: Run simulation backwards %d iterations~\
  visible %s: Make ball display 'on' or 'off'~\
  iterate %d: simulate for %d iterations~\
  sleep %d: sleep for %d seconds~\
  perpetual %s: toggle perpetual (%s is 'on' or 'off')~\
  collide %s: toggle ball collision (%s is 'on' or 'off')~\
  window_width %d: Change window width to %d~\
  window_height %d: Change window height to %d~\
  backwards %d: Iterate backwards %d steps~\
  clear: delete all balls in window~\
  create_random %d1,%d2: create %d1 random balls with a ~\
                         max velocity of %d2~\
  exit or quit: quit the xball program if demo is not~\
  stop: stop demo but leave program alive \
"XBall.startupHelp: \
 Run xball -help for a list of command-line startup~\
" parameters",
"XBall.aboutString: \
XBall Version 3.0.1~~\
  April 1993~~\
The Premire Ball Bouncing Software~~\
  Allows you to throw 3-D balls around in a 2-D space.~~\
Author (Send bugs, comments, and interesting demos to):~\
  David Nedde~\
  Computer Science Department~\
  Worcester Polytechnic Institute~\
  Worcester, MA 01609~~\
Copyright 1990, 1993 David Nedde~\
Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this~\
software and its documentation for any purpose and~\
without fee is granted provided that the above~\
copyright notice appears in all copies.  It is~\
provided \"as is\" without express or implied warranty. \
"! Menu Definition",
"! Format:",
"!   pulldownName~",
"!     widgetName,widgetClass,menuCallbackName,optionalParams...~",
"! The widgetName is referenced above to set the menu's label.",
"! Note that the pulldownName of 'help' is automatically used as the help ",
"! pulldown.",
"! Avaliable WidgetClasses are:",
"!   PushButton   - push it and cause the action",
"!   ToggleButton - Push it and toggle the state",
"!   Separator    - A line in the menu",
"! Avaliable menuCallbackNames avaliable (none take optional parameters):",
"!   runDemo       - Lets user select a demo and run the demo",
"!   loadBitmap    - Lets user load a bitmap file",
"!   quit          - quits xball program",
"!   clear         - Clear all balls from the screen",
"!   randomize     - Randomize all balls from the screen",
"!   stopDemo      - Stop a demo in progress",
"!   stepSim       - Steps the simulation once (if simulation halted)",
"!   perpetual     - Toggles perpetual balls state",
"!   ballCollide   - Toggles colliding ball state",
"!   haltSim       - Toggles halting the simulation",
"!   about         - Displays help about the program",
"!   onMenus       - Displays help on the menus",
"!   onScroll      - Displays help on setting elasticity and gravity",
"!   onButtons     - Displays help on using the mouse buttons to create balls",
"!   onDemos       - Displays help on writing a demo",
"!   onParams      - Displays help on command-line arguments",
"XBall.menuDef: \

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